November 2013       Earnie Hardman,    Nelson Savage Club.                                   

November 2013       Jack Pizzey,  Manawatu Savage Club.                                    

January 2014          Joe Baker,  Manawatu Savage Club

June 2014               John A Lilley, Ashburton Savage Club

September 2014       Keith Middleton Smith,  Ashburton Savage Club

September 2014       Irene Turner,     Horowhenua Savage Club

 October  2014         Eric Ingram,   Ashburton Savage Club

2015                        Johanna Beers    Horowhenua Savage Club

2015                       Thelma Money    Horowhenua Savage Club

2015                       Brian Hutton       Christchurch Savage Club

2015                       Daphne Keighley  Hawera Savage Club

3/02/15                  Koa Congdon       Ashburton Savage Club

13/07/15                David Arker        Ashburton Savage Club

21/08/15                Eric Kell             Ashburton Savage Club

10/11/15                Cip Sparrow        Ashburton Savage Club

22/12/15                Don Hayes          Ashburton Savage Club

02/07/16                Bryan O'Hara      Ashburton Savage Club

2016                       Ray Pedersen      Manawatu Savage Club

2016                       Pat Shepherd      Wanganui Savage Club

2016                       Dave Penman      x Horowhenua Savage Club

2016                       Ray Zame           Gisborne Orphan's Club

2016                       Sigord Poulson    Gisborne Orphan's Club

5/07/16                  Ted Brooks          Nelson Savage Club

11/07/16                 John Gray  QSM  Ashburton Savage Club

31/07 16                 Iris Corkill           Manawatu Savage Club 




August 2016            Marie Frandsen            Eltham Savage Club

           2016              Selwyn  How              Eltham Savage Club

          2016               Iris Corkill                  Manawatu Savage Club

18th June 2017         Russ  Toms                  Manawatu Savage Club

11th. October 2017   Kevin Crean                Ashburton Savage Club.

         2017                Les Smithers               Manawatu Savage Club

         2017                Roy Banks                   Manawatu Savage Club

19th December 2017  Sandra Lawrence        Horowhenua Savage Club

2018                         Bill Elms                     Hastings Orphan's Club  Past Dom. President

2018                         Jim Frandsen              Eltham Savage Club     Past Dom. President

2018                         Pete  Stachurski         Waitara Savage Club      Past Dom. President

29th July 2018          David Clement            Eltham Savage Club

2019                        Gavin Fagin                 Christchurch Savage Club  

2019                        Alan Smith                  Christchurch Savage Club

2020                        Norma Harper             Horowhenua Savage Club

April 2020                Stan Malton                 Manawatu Savage Club

18th May 2020         Lynette Lawrence        Manawatu Savage Club

                                                                 Horowhenua Savage Club  (past Sec   past treas)

Norma Harper Horowhenua Savage Club



Norma Harper


Norma was a life member of the Savage Club having been associated with it through her husband back in the dark ages when women were shunned. She was a key member of the Wahines supporting them with her piano accompaniment at their practices and performances.

Most of us were at Norma’s funeral and I am sure that we were all surprised at the number of people there and the wide range of interests that she had, well beyond her Savage Club contribution. She had a strong family connection to this area so many of her friends from school and throughout her life were there to see her off.

We will miss her at the club. I always enjoyed her piano items and she was always there whenever she could be to give us some really classy piano performances.


Daphne Keighley

Eric John Hastings Ingram 10th Feb 1926 - 11th Oct. 2014

It is with great sadness that we record the death of Eric, who died at Christchurch Hospital on Saturday 11th October 2014.

Eric joined the Ashburton Savage Club in 1941, at the age of fifteen. Normally the minimun joining age is eighteen but they were not normal times in1941 and with the outbreak of World War Two, a number of members were already serving in the armed forces, leaving the Savage Club sadly depleted of musical talent. As Eric was a talented brass instrument player and a junior member of the Ashburton Silver Band a dispensation in the club rules was made, allowing him to become a member.

Eric served the Ashburton Savage Club faithfully, for seventy three years, was elected Great Chief 1961 and in 2005 jointly shared the position with Past Great Chief Keith Smith. Eric was very humbled to be made a Life Member in 2011 and was presented with his seventy year service bar the same year.

Always a keen participant in club activities, he was heavily involved over the years with the Club Orchestra, Sketch Group and Chorus Group.

Eric had a great knowledge of the history of the Ashburton Savage Club and took great delight in recounting episodes of earlier raids to other clubs, Koreros, Public Concerts and Revues.

We offer our sincere condolences to sons Brent & Nigel and their families, to sister Esma Copping and Eric's extended families.

Compiled by Past Great Chief, Russ Carter



Irene Turner

It is with deep regret that we observe the passing of one of our members - Irene Turner. Irene was inducted into Horowhenua Savage Club in March 2001 having been involved in the club since 1966 when Eric joined. She was the first lady member when membership opened to ladies in 2000. One of the most popular items on the conert list was Irene and Eric singing in harmony with Eric on Guitar and harmonica.

Irene was at a Sea Scout fund raising when she heard that the Scout Hall was going to be sold. She told Eric and together they motivated members to purchase our current premises in Parker Avenue.

Irene was secretary of the club for a number of years and was responsible for newsletters, minutes of meetings, arranging of raids etc. She was a great help to Lynette who took over the secretary role when Irene retired in 2007.

It was not just the Savage Club that she supported, but Country Women's Institute, Plunket and many others. She had literally dozens of grandchildren and greatgrandchildren most of whom were there to speak or sing at the service.

We are all appreciative of the long and dedicated service Irene gave to Savagery for more than 40 years, and we give our deepest sypathy to Eric.

A photograph of Irene is now hanging in the clubrooms near the door recognising the esteem in which she was held by her fellow Savages.

Keith Middleton Smith 1928 - 2014

It is with great sadness that we record the passing of our Savage Club member Keith, known to us all as "Smithy". Keith died peacefully at the Ashburton Public Hospital on Wednesday 3rd September, surrounded by his loving family.

Keith was raised on the South Canterbury family farm at Totara Valley, attending the Opihi School and the Timaru Technical College. He served his plumbing apprenticeship in Timaru, cycling from his home on Sunday afternoon and returning on Friday evening, a return distance of approximately 60 miles.

Keith joined the Ashburton Savage Club in 1965, and served as Great Chief in 1975- 1985 and in 2004 shared the position with Past Chief Eric Ingram. Always a staunch supporter of club activities, he undertook the role of stage manager and for many years enjoyed his involvement with public revues and korero nights. When the club purchased an early maternity hospital for its club rooms in 1989, many hours were spent by club members, altering and extending the premises, with Keith refurbishing the outdated plumbing systems. Keith was a true Savage Club member and will be greatly missed.

Our sincere condolences go to his wife Esme and family.

John A. Lilley 1938 - 2014

After a short illness, John died peacefully at Christchurch Hospital on the 22nd, June 2014

He joined the Ashburton Savage Club in 1970 holding the office of Great Chief in 1986 and 1988.

John was a dedicated member of "The Club", always keen to participate in korero programmes, organise raffles and fund raising projects and thanks mainly fo his efforts, the grounds and exterior of our clubrooms were kept in good condition. He was for many years, a regular entertainer at the Ashburton rest homes giving pleasure to the residents with his piano accordian.

He will be greatly missed.


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