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Hello again to all clubs and members,

The 2022 season is fast coming to an end and we will all be holding our Annual General Meetings again. I’m sure you’ll be hearing from Jack asking for that list of office holders and dates so he can put together next season’s calendar in due course. 

We will have our first executive meet on the 2nd of October in Blenheim, and I’m looking forward to getting together in one place for that meeting. If there is anything you think we as the executive should be discussing please drop an email to myself or Jack and it’ll be put on the agenda for discussion. Or you can just pick up a phone and give any of us a call, after all as the saying goes “we’re all in this together” we need to know, to be able to take any action.  It would also be great to know the names of any fellow members that have passed, so they can also be acknowledged. Over my time on the executive, we got to hear about the odd person, but definitely not all those that are not with us any longer. We’ve all had great times together at conferences and other celebrations and made some great friendships so it is good for us to know.

I see on the calendar that there were a few inward and outward raids happening. I hope these all went off well as not much has been possible in this space over the past couple of years and it is an important part of who and what we are.

 The Hokitika Savage club had a successful raid to the Waimate Savage Club in August, and we really appreciated Jack and Eileen Paine traveling up from Dunedin to be there with us. This was Hokitika’s third attempt in as many years to transverse the Southern Alps to get there, after being stopped because of road closures with flooding, or locked up because of Covid, but persistence paid off and we got there in the end. It’s not cheap to travel to raid other clubs today but I see it as an important part of what and who we are, and should be something we should still be doing. I know some of our clubs have small memberships and to do a full raid may not be possible. I would suggest you have a joint raid and make the most of an evening or afternoon with fellow entertainers, and just have fun doing it. The North West South Island Group do this as part of their Biennial conference and it’s always a good night. Each club preforms both music and sketch items, with a trophy up for grabs for the best of each section.

Well enough from me for now, wishing you all good health and stay safe. 

Dominion President




Dear Member,

I am pleased to have the opportunity to forward to you my very first newsletter along with the list of the newly elected Executive of the Association of Kindred Clubs of N.Z. Inc., and a copy of the minutes of the teleconference meeting held on the 4th June. 

Now I am just new at this and using a comparatively new computer I may not be up to full speed so please bear with me. I will catch up. 

Firstly I wish to thank Past President Lynton Hotter and his wife Lyn, as the Secretary and Treasurer, for the sterling job they did serving the Association and members for the past six years. As the new executive we also thank the past executive for serving the Association well.

For those who may not know me let me introduce myself. I am Jack Paine and my wife is Eileen. I joined the Dunedin Orphans’ Club in 1971and held most positions in that Club as well as positions on the Association executive serving as Dominion President 2008 – 2010. In later years I joined the Macandrew Bay Orphans’ & Entertainers Club and at present I am the Treasurer there. I have two daughters, both married, one in Auckland and one just moved back to Dunedin.

I welcome the opportunity to work with Dominion President Wayne and look forward to having Wayne adding input into these newsletters. Of course we all would like to hear about the activities of the Clubs and so could you please have a delegate forward by e-mail or per carrier pigeon as to what your Club has been up to and any Club information you think the members would like to know. 

The executive committee is going to meet in Blenheim in October so if there is any item you or your Club think should be discussed please advise me so I can put it on the agenda.

Well, I think this is enough from me so I pass over to Dominion President Wayne Climo.


Hello to all fellow clubs and members, I hope all is well with everyone in these funny old times we are living in currently. Covid has definitely ruled what we do and how we do it over the past couple of years, and hopefully the worst is behind us now allowing us all to build things back to normal, whatever shape that might be.    

I should introduce myself to you all more formally, seeing that we never had the pleasure of having our formal get together at a biennial national conference. I am Wayne Climo your newly elected Dominion President, my wife is Gaylene and we have two adult children and three grandchildren. We have a daughter who lives and works in Christchurch with a daughter of her own, and we have a son who has a daughter and a son of his own, who lives and works in Queensland, Australia. 

I’m a true West Coaster and have lived all my life on the Coast, and been a member of the Hokitika Savage Club for 28 years. During my time with the Hokitika Savage Club I’ve enjoyed mixing and meeting some amazing and very talented people. Most of these encounters have been at conferences or when raids have taken place, a tradition that I hope we will all continue to take part in, and enjoy. Earlier this year we held our North West South Island (NWSI) Group conference in Hokitika hosting both the Variety Entertainment Club of Nelson and the Blenheim Orphans’ Club. The evening of the conference we held a joint concert with each club contributing items. Some of the items performed were scored by guest judges for a music and a sketch trophy. This music and sketch competition is quite a tradition and has been happening for a number of years within the clubs of the NWSI group. We all really look forward to performing and competing for those trophies.

I see it as a privilege to lead our association and wish to thank those who have supported me so far in this journey. I am definitely looking forward to working with the executive team to keep our organisation alive and functioning  

Hopefully as we return to our new normal life, I’ll be able to get round and meet up with you all without restrictions, at some point during my time as your President. 

 I wish you all well, keep doing what we do and enjoy it, and keep yourself safe. 

 Remember laughter and fun are some of the best medicines so enjoy! 


Dominion President



Dominion President Bill Oram

President's Letter

Association of Kindred Clubs N Z Inc

I would like to thank the Kindred Clubs for allowing me the opportunity to be your President for the next two years.

I hope to follow in Ken’s path to keep this great organisation going.

With a shortened tenure, My sister Shirley & I,  look forward to visiting all clubs in 2021 and finishing off in the North Island in 2022 conditions permitting.


I would like to take a moment to thank Ken and Karenne for their sterling efforts over the past two years. Thank you both for a job well done.


If you have any concerns, or issues you would like assistance with, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Together we can work through matters or seek guidance from Dominion Secretary, Lynton if needed.


Thank you

Yours in Savagery

Bill Oram

Dominion President

Dominion President's Collar and Korowai


The photographs showing the Dominion President's collar ( chain of office)  and cloak (korowai) will give members a chance for a close up look. There are 54 club badges on the collar, many from clubs who have long since closed, and some of the badges are older versions. I believe that this korowai is a replacement of the original one which was accidentally destroyed. If any member has information about the korowai and its history please advise.

NOTE.   While Alan Rattray was Dominion President his car was broken in to and the president's korowai and chain of office were stolen. The cloak was a very valuable item as it had been presented to the Association  by a maori tribe. In 1988 a new cloak was made by Bill Allen of the Masterton Savage Club and presented to the association.